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IHPAC's Governing Council and Board of Directors 

Council members backgrounds include NHS, private & voluntary sector directors, executives, managers; and registered members of the occupations on HPAC. They handle serious complaints about the fitness to practice of registrants.


The Council also leads on policy and procedure regarding governance of HPAC's registrants and organisational use of the system. It also helps define the expected standards and acts as a steering group for HPAC in general.

   Grant de Jongh

  Chief Executive

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  Prof Andy Newton


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   Alan Howson 

  Vice Chairman

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  Stephanie Prior   

   Director of Legal Compliance

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   Justin Wand

  Executive Director

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   Dr Meng Aw-Yong

  Medical Director

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  Vinny Wagjiani

  National Police Lead

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  Kate Morrissey

  Quality Assurance Lead

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  Kenny Gibson 

  Safeguarding Lead

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  Mark Crouch

  Driving Standards Lead

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  Oladapo Lawson   

  Equality & Diversity Lead

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